Internal Medicine in Putnam, CT

A Note from the Doctors

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Since 2009, our membership medical practice has offered quality primary healthcare. We give patient-centered care in a relaxed professional environment where the patient comes first. Our services and amenities are intended to provide more personalized attention and greater patient satisfaction.You may be new to the concept of a value-added membership medical practice, so we invite you to click on the items below to learn more about the benefits we offer.

To your health,

Dr. Joseph Botta, Dr. David Candow & Dr. Ron Klare

Same or Next Day Appointments

When you call our office, an experienced friendly staff member will answer your call. You will not have to navigate a phone system by choosing an option. With a small practice, we get to know you and there is a comfort in knowing that you will get answers to your questions from someone you know. Our practice offers same day or next day appointments depending on the urgency of the problem.

Physician visits are a minimum of a half hour, and longer if needed. We do not overbook our schedule so our patients do not feel rushed during their time with staff or the doctor. No one likes to wait, and generally there is no sitting in a waiting room for your appointment.

After Hours Cell Phone Access

During normal business hours, Monday through Friday (8am to 5pm), our staff and doctors will answer your calls. If you have an urgent matter and need to speak with your physician after normal business hours and on the weekends and holidays, you can call the physician's cell phone and speak directly with them. There is no answering service. This helps our patients have peace of mind, knowing that if a problem cannot wait until the office opens, there is immediate help available.

Coordination of Care

Our goal is to make your medical care as hassle free as possible. Our physicians work well with the specialists in the area and other out-of-state facilities. If it is determined that you need specialty care, or outpatient therapy, we can make the referral for you. Although our office has same day or next day appointments, that is not always the case with specialty offices. We make every effort to get the soonest appointment for you. The same is true for scheduling diagnostic testing. If a prior authorization is needed, we will make every effort to obtain the authorization.


Like any other medical practice, our office bills your medical insurance for the office visit. Due to contracts with your insurance, we must collect copays, co-insurances, and deductibles. All of this is done through our medical billing service.Currently we accept commercial Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, and United Health Care (PPO plan only), and Harvard Pilgrim. If you are Medicare eligible, we accept traditional Medicare (the red, white, and blue card) with a secondary, Blue Cross/Blue Shield Managed Medicare (retired CT teachers plan only) United Health Care Managed Medicare PPO only, and Aetna Managed Medicare. If a patient uses out of network benefits, they may have a larger cost share amount.

If you have any questions regarding insurance, please do not hesitate to ask us. We are here to answer your questions and help you navigate your health care needs.

Time with your doctor

Everyone wants their doctor to really listen and understand the medical challenges that patients experience. With long appointments, our physicians have the time to listen, examine, and make a comprehensive plan to meet your medical needs. If more time is needed to explore options, then we will schedule your appointment accordingly. And, if you want a family member to be included in the discussion, our doctors have the time to help everyone involved understand the medical process. This is especially important for patients experiencing chronic illness such as dementia, diabetes, lung disease, etc.

Same Day Medication Refills and Patient Call-Backs

Our smaller size medical practice allows for faster turn around with patient needs. Our goal is to have all medication refill requests called in or faxed to your pharmacy the day you request it. Patient questions that require a call back are answered the same day, often within the hour of your call.

Hospital and Nursing Home Care

One of the benefits that our patients really appreciate is hospital care at Day Kimball Hospital. Our physicians admit and take care of their patients while at Day Kimball Hospital. Although the trend now is for medical practices to use the hospital’s physicians (hospitalist), we feel it is important to treat you while you are an inpatient. Being admitted to the hospital can be worrisome and knowing that the doctor who knows you best will care for you gives peace of mind. If our patients are admitted to another hospital, our physicians can speak with the hospital staff if needed to give information or insight to assist in the medical care.

Sometimes a rehab stay is needed after a hospital stay. Our physicians take care of their patients should they be admitted to Westview Health Care Center in Dayville, CT or Pierce Memorial Baptist Nursing Home in Brooklyn, CT. At this time, we do not see patients at any other nursing/rehab facilities, but our doctors can speak with the attending physician if needed.

If long-term nursing home care is needed, our physicians see patients at Westview and Pierce.

Value-Added Contract Fees

Patients who join the practice sign a contract and agree to pay the monthly fee of $130.00 per month to participate in the program. The annual fee of $1560.00 is pro-rated to the month the patient joins the practice and all patients renew the contract on January 1st each year. A deposit is required before an initial medical appointment is made. Patients agree to make prompt payment and we offer payment options.

The patient agreement is not a substitute for an appropriate health care insurance plan. Medical insurance plans do not pay for this contract cost and the fee is not tax-deductible as the membership fee is not considered a medical expense. A copy of the patient agreement is available for review at our office.