Annual Physical Specialists in Putnam, CT

Annual Physical

The annual physical is an important aspect of preventive care. Regular checkups can alert you to underlying medical conditions and educate you on the importance of nutrition and exercise. At Joseph J Botta, MD & Associates, LLC, board-certified adult primary care physicians Dr. Joseph J. Botta, MD, Dr. David Candow, MD & Dr. Ronald Klare, MD and the team provide annual physicals to adults of all ages. To make an appointment at the practice in Putnam, Connecticut, call the office today.

An annual physical assesses your general well-being. It’s a quick, outpatient procedure that combines several aspects, including an exam, immunizations, laboratory testing, and preventive screening measures that align with your age, health history, and sex.

By scheduling an annual physical at Joseph J Botta, MD & Associates, LLC, it’s possible to catch acute and chronic conditions in their early stages. Annual physicals aren’t covered by Medicare, but the team at Joseph J Botta, MD & Associates, LLC, feel they are important and do them as part of the concierge benefit.

Annual Physical Q&A

What does an annual physical involve?

At Joseph J Botta, MD & Associates, LLC, an annual physical involves several steps:

Step one - Discussion of your lifestyle and medical history
At the beginning of the physical, your provider asks about your lifestyle, including how often you exercise, if you use tobacco or drink alcohol, and if you have any underlying medical conditions. Make sure to answer these questions honestly. There’s no reason to feel embarrassed, and your provider won’t judge you.

Step two - Skin exam
Next, your provider examines your skin for any unusual moles or growths. If you have any painful bumps or lumps, make sure to alert your provider. If anything appears unusual, they can take a biopsy for analysis.

Step three - Abdominal exam
After examining your skin, your provider has you lie down on a table. They gently press on your abdomen to assess the size, location, and texture of your abdominal organs.

Step four - Reflexes and vitals check and laboratory work
Your provider asks you to sit up. Then, they check your reflexes, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Afterward, they order lab testing, including blood work and urinalysis.

Step five - Immunizations
Some immunizations require several doses or boosters. Your provider can review your medical records and update your vaccines as necessary. Step six - Refill of prescription medication
If you take prescription medication to manage an acute or chronic condition, the team can refill them as necessary.

What should I bring to an annual physical?

If you’re visiting the team at Joseph J Botta, MD & Associates for the first time, bring the following items:

Medical insurance card
List of the symptoms you’re experiencing
List of the conditions you’ve been diagnosed with
Names of the medicines, vitamins, and supplements you take regularly
Any questions you have

If you have an implantable medical device, like a pacemaker, make sure to bring the device card as well. To book your annual physical at Joseph J Botta, MD & Associates, LLC, call the office today.